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Can you recommend books for other children to read that you have enjoyed?

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Everyone should enjoy reading, books, recipes, magazines and much more. If you don't enjoy reading at the moment you just haven't found the right book. Don't worry our recommended reading blog is here!

Can you recommend books for other children to read that you have enjoyed?

1. What is the book called and who wrote it?
2. What do you like about the book and why?
3. Why would you recommend it to a friend?

Prizes will be given to the best recommendations, good luck and keep reading :) .


My favourite author is Jeff Kinney because his books are funny, entertaining and page turning. I have all of his books that I read whenever I have some spare time. On holidays, I take them with me to read. I definitely recommend his books to all of you.


James which is your favourite Jeff Kinney book? 

Mr Littlefair recommends There's a Boy in the Girls' Bathroom by Louis Sachar


2. This book was recommended to me by Mrs Parker so I knew it would be good and it was! I like the book because the main character in the book is really interesting. He faces a lot of battles and his morale is very low but he pretends he is ok. I like watching his character develop and change. Also, I like the book because it is set around a school and I can relate to lots of the things in it. Furthermore, the book made me laugh and smile.


3. I think this book would be suitable for Year 5/6 children and I think it will make them smile but also want to find out what happens with Bradley Chalkers, just like I did.

Let me know if you want a copy to read and then let me know what you think.


My Littlefair

This book made me cry also I loved it.

This book is called Esio Trot the author is Roald Dahl and illutrated by Quentin Blake.                 The characters are little Alfie the tortise and his owner Mrs Silver, Mr Hoppy. I like the book because Mr Hoppy tries to get his lady luck. He was only on his own and he was jelous of Mrs Silver being atached to Alfie. Mr Hoppy buys a lot of tortises and has a big flat full of them there were a LOT of them even more than 1000. There were a happy ending Mr Hoppy proposed to Mrs Silver and became Mrs Hoppy. Do know what happened to little Alfie he got a new owner called Roberta and took care of him well. Roberta had grown up and had to children and they loved having Alfie.



I love Charlotte's Web by E.B. White

This book is quite an older book but it is still awsome! It is about a girl called Fern, her pig and a spider. The story is sure to sink into your head and it's entertaining pictures will enhance your reading mind!

I like the characters and the interesting vocabulary.

This book is suitible to all KS2 so look for it in the Book Fair. It can also be availible in the library or in your local book shop. Good luck!

Alex recommends What Reggie did at the weekend by Lee. M. Winter.

The reason I picked this book is because it made me lol when Reggie steped dog poop then the ice cream van came. Once he scraped the poo off his shoe the only thing they had were bananas!

I would recommend  it because it is hilarious and would make them laugh.







The book that I would recommend is called Anna/Bella by Ammanda Swift.

  I like this book because it is about a split personality,it's the same girl,her real name is Annabella but at her mums she is called Anna and at her dads she is called Bella. her parents have split up and so has she,she has two diffrent styles,two different best friends and two different boyfriends.Anna likes patchwork and sewing,her boyfriend is Olly and her best friend is Eve.However Bella likes fashion and drama,her best friend is Jenny and her boyfriend is Jimmy.  

I would recommend it to a friend because I think they will like the changes and twists through out the story and how she deals with her life even though it is tough because she can't do two things at once and some times she needs to,to stop her friends getting upset. I think this would be best suited to year 5/6. I hope you enjoy this book if you do read it and you will find it funny and interesting same as I did. 

The book that i would like to recommend is called Harry Potter And The Cursed Child by J.K.Rowling. I loved this book because it shows how friendship is important  and how terrible it can be if you break a friendship. This book takes place in the modern day and is the best harry potter book in the series [in my opinion anyway] Albus potter [harry and ginnys son] and Scorpius malfoy[Draco and astorias son] time travel to save Cedric Diggory from death. However when they meet a girl named Delphi Diggory they end up having to go to Godrics Hollow 40 years ago and come up with a clever plan to get help to save Harry Potter from death!!!!!! I recomend this book because it has a lot of humour. And it shows how not every family gets along. Some parts were sad some happy and some quite frightening I wish the book was at least triple its actual size. This book has action adventure and a slight hint of romance in some scenes. Also it proves girls can be just as cool as boys. I mean come on daughter of Lord Voldermort how do you get much cooler than that?!?! This book made me wonder where the author got her inspiration and just how much is out there to explore. It gave me the idea for a book series I am currently writing so i love this book!!! i recomend it to absolutely anyone. I give it 50000000000000000000000000000000/10 and i love this book.

Chloe recommends Goodnight Mister Tom it is a WW2 book. William Beech is the evacuee that lives with Mister Tom and he had a blast (Willie) but one day they recieved  a letter form Willies mum it said she was sick. So he goes home to his mum but she wasnt really sick she had  a suprise for him from Jesus ( a baby). Willie's mum  is very mean and smacks him with belts but Willie forgets it... i like this book because it is ww2 and enjoyable. I recommend it to all Year 5/6


Isla recommends The Midnight gang. The author is David Walliams and the illustrater is Tony Ross. 

I like this book because it's funny. This book is about 5 children who go out at midnight and they go on all sorts of adventures. In the book they are 9 main characters: Tom , Amber , Robin  , George, Sally, the Porter, Matron ,Sir Quentin Strillersand last of all Sir Willet.

I recommend this book because when you read it you laugh and when you have read it you want to read it again.

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