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Year 5 - Clever Crocs - Mr Littlefair

Welcome to the Clever Crocs page! Here you will find information about what is going on in your child's class.

Our first topic this year is Ancient Egyptains and our class book is Holes. Our other themes are: Let's Protect the Environment; Let's Shake Things Up and Land of the Free. Later in the year we will be visiting Drax Power Station and the Humber Bridge.


We love reading in the Clever Crocs, we will be reading a range of books through the year.  We encourage the children to read at home every night, you play an important role in this so please try to listen to your child read and sign their home school book.

P.E. and Swimming

Please ensure your child's P.E. kit is bought into school on a Monday and left in school until Friday. We are scheduled to do P.E. on a Wednesday with a Sports Coach but this may change.

Swimming will start later in the year and like last year, each session will be longer than previous years.

Home Learning

Home Learning is set on a Monday and is due in on a Friday. Children usually receive two pieces to do. Any problems children should ask (as early in the week as possible). 

How can you help?

  • Practise tables with your child,
  • Listen to them read regularly and ask them questions about the story and characters- you can find examples of questions to ask on the 'Parents' page.
  • Help your child with research on their topic.
  • Encourage your child to use Mathletics and check on their progress.
  • Check the Home/School diary regularly and sign it.
  • Home Learning will be set on a Monday and due in on a Friday. Please encourage your child to complete this with care, so that their work is something that they can feel proud of.

We are also working really hard as a school to improve our attendance and the children have the chance to earn a variety of rewards including extra-break, raffle tickets and a special trip.

If you would like the school menu it can be found here:


Class News

Weekly update
19 January 2018

This week, we were visited by Matty Blair and Louis Jones who both play for Doncaster Rovers. Matty has played for England C and scored at Wembley (twice). Louis is at the start of his professional career but we did find out that he went to Trinity Academy. Also, a couple of PCSOs came in and talked to us about what they do and our responsibilities.

Next week the children will be doing assessments in Maths, Reading and Grammar. We won't be doing any homework as a result.

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First week back
12 January 2018

It has been good to be back hearing all about the children's Christmas holidays and what they did. This week we wrote New Year's Resolutions- lets hope they can keep them!

Next week, we have got some footballers from Doncaster Rovers coming in and the children will have chance to ask them some questions on Monday. Also, we have got a session on Road Safety.

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The Environment
8 January 2018

In here you can find facts that we have learnt about the environment.

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Happy Christmas
21 December 2017

The end of a fantastic term! We learnt lots about the Ancient Egyptians and shared our learning to adults and also performed our play, 'A Phaorah's Party. More recently, we have visited Drax learning about how they make power. We have had many visitors including: Olympic athlete Jenny Wallwork; Child Line; the Transport Police; the Dogs Trust; Phil Ainsley and his Lego; and the poet Ian Bland. Wow, so busy!

Congratulations to Axel who won our Mathletics World Cup. Also, well done to all those children who represented the class in the Arithmetic and Spelling Bees.

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Weekly update
1 December 2017

This week our new topic got going with a trip to Drax. We had a wonderful time learning about how they make our electricity and what they do to try and make it sustainable.

In our Maths we are coming to the end of our fractions, decimals and percentages and over the next two weeks the children will be doing some assessments.

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Weekly update
24 November 2017

We came to the end of our Ancient Egyptian topic this week by celebrating our work and performing our play to the school and adults. Thanks very much to all those that were able to come in, it made it a much more enjoyable experience for the children.

On Monday, the Puzzle Company came in and did some Maths work with the children. We had a really enjoyable hour although it was tough at times.

We have also started our new book, 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe'.

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First week back
10 November 2017

It has been an exciting first week back! We have had a visit from the Dogs Trust learning about behaving safely round dogs and the dangers as well as what the Dogs Trust does. Also, the Rotary Club have been in and some of the children have done some planting.


We are stepping up our preparations for the Year 5/6 play and have also had fun putting papier mache onto our Egyptian death masks- painting next!


Attendance was excellent and punctuality was very good. Let's Keep it up!

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Weekly update
20 October 2017

We have had quite a hands on week. We had Mr Ainsley in from Lego who did some Computing and programming using Ipads and Lego on Monday - it was great fun! We have also started on our Egyptian Death masks- thanks to everyone who sent cardboard in. Newspapers next please...

Well done to the class on winning the 'Early Bird' trophy for excellent punctuality. Attendance has improved, but we do still have one child away all week.

Next week is the last of a very busy and long half-term but I'm sure will be another good one. 

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Weekly update
13 October 2017

This week we have had Harvest Festival, thanks to everyone who bought in food. Well done to Kaiden and Hayley who shared their artwork and Lillie, Mollie and Catherine who wrote and read poems.

Attendance has been poor again, unfortunately mainly due to 3 children being off all week. Well done to those who still have 100%!

Next week, we are doing a lego project and also could do with large pieces of cardboard for making our Ancient Eyptian death masks.

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Week 5
6 October 2017

Over half-way through the half-term and we missed some of the Year 6 children at Kingswood this week.

Thanks to all children and adults for their generous donations to our bun day raising money for Macmillan Cancer Research.

Well done to Scarlet whose wonderful letter writing was selected to go on the school 'Star Writer' display.

Attendance could have been better with a few illnesses as well as a child on holiday.

We have got out Harvest Festival next week - any donations greatly received.

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Busy week!
29 September 2017

Another action-packed week! We have had a visit from a poet (Ian Bland) and written some fantastic poems some of which were read to the school. Also, Mrs Parker brought in a pig's heart and lungs so we could see in gory detail how the circulation system worked. Finally, we have had Olympic athelete Jenny Wallwork in and the children have all taken part in a sponsored event. Well done to them all- some looked exhausted after! Pictures will be added to the gallery...

Well done to all children on another great week.

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Home-learning Autumn 1 Week 4
22 September 2017


As you know, one of your home-learning tasks this week is your Arithmetic challenge sheet. The other home-learning activity is to tell me 3 facts you can remember from the Egyptian day. Any three facts you can remember. Our host for the day was very interesting and very funny. Think back. What three things have stuck in your mind?

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Weekly update
22 September 2017

We have had a super week! On Monday, we had our Ancient Egyptian day which is a lot of fun and we all learnt a lot of amazing things.

Today, we have had French Day and enjoyed learning some new French vocabulary, playing some French games, drawing some French landmarks and best of all- trying some French food.

Pictures of these days will be on soon.

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Weekly update
15 September 2017

Congratulations to Star and Axel who have been voted our new school councillors! I'm sure they'll do a super job.

Also, well done to Leven, Scarlet, Jenson, Axel and Mollie who won awards in assembly.

Finally, congratulations to the whole class for excellent attendance this week and making it to school on time every day. 

We look forward to Ancient Egyptian day on Monday

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Homelearning and spellings
12 September 2017

Copies of homework from our second week can be downloaded from here as well as a list of the spellings.

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Curriculum Information
12 September 2017

This can be downloaded by opening this news item and clicking on it down the right-hand side.

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Summer topic
16 June 2017

Here you can download a copy of our latest curriculum newsletter. Our current topic is 'The Stone Age'.

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Curriculum Information
3 March 2017

Here you can read about our new topic and what is happening in our class.

It can be downloaded in the section below Diary Dates.

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Our trip to Eden Camp
3 February 2017

Here you can find some of the recounts the children wrote.

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Home Learning
30 January 2017

In Goodnight Mister Tom, Willie has been beaten by his mum. During World War 2, the cane was widely used in schools and was only banned in 1987. We are going to write a balanced argument saying whether the cane should be re-introduced or not. I have written the introduction:


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