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Year 6 - Whizz Kids - Mrs Lewins


Welcome to the Whizz Kids' page! Here you will find information about what is going on in your child's class. This page is regularly updated so I would encourage you to check the page as often as possible.

This year's topic themes:

Topic 1: Egypt Is Pretty Ace! History: Ancient Egyptians

Topic 2: Let's Protect The Environment. Geography / Science

Topic 3: Land Of the Free. Geography / History

Topic 4: Let's Shake Things Up. Science


Attendance is a school priority. Our school target is: 96.1%. It is crucial you ensure your child attends school every day and is on time. Our doors open at 8:40am!


Reading is a top priority as a Whizz Kid! We absolutely love reading and spend a lot of time reading and talking about our reading. We will be reading a range of books throughout the year. For the next ten weeks, we will be reading Holes, author Louis Sachar. This is an excellent book, which I'm sure the children will enjoy. Regular questions will be posted on our page, so please encouarge your child to answer these questions. Discussing books is so important and really helps children develop an understanding of their reading. We have purchased new books for Year 6 children to take home, which I am sure you will find just as enjoyable as the children. We encourage the children to read at home every night; you play an important role in this so please try to listen to your child read and sign their home school book.


Please ensure your child's P.E kit is bought into school on a Monday and left in school until Friday. Please ensure your child has an indoor and outdoor PE kit. Our scheduled PE days are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday afternoon; however, some weeks, we may do PE on a different day so please ensure it is in school all week. We are very lucky to have Doncaster Rovers' coaches working with our class every Monday afternoon, along with Mr O'Neil (a qualified Sports Coach) every Tuesday afternoon. Along with PE sessions, children will do the Daily Mile, so please ensure your child has a pair of trainers daily.


Home Learning is set on a Monday and due in on a Friday. Children usually receive two pieces to do, usually a piece of Literacy and Maths. If you could sit with your child while they are completing their Home-leanring, the help would be much appreciated! Home-learning will be posted on the class page as a download, each week.

Spellings: Your child will receive spellings on a Monday and will be tested on a Friday. The children will learn these spellings in spelling lessons; however, it is crucial they practise at home too.

Weekly Updates: Please look out for class news items. These are put on weekly and are a nice way for me to share what your child has been doing at school that week.

How can you help?

  • Practise tables with your child, including the division facts that link eg 6 x 7 = 42 so 42 divided by 6 = 7.
  • Listen to them read regularly and ask them questions - question styles are stuck in front of the Reading Record.
  • Support your child when they are practising their spellings.
  • Help your child with their research.
  • Check the Home/School diary regularly and sign it daily.
  • Home Learning will be set on a Monday Please encourage your child to complete this with care, so that their work is something that they can feel proud of.

Working together is crucial so if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come into school or give me a call.

Mrs Lewins


Class News

Spring 2: Week 1
25 February 2018

Wow! What a busy first week! The Whizz Kids have thoroughly enjoyed their first week back. We have started reading our new class novel 'Trash'. We are already gripped; it's definitely going to be a good read. In maths, we have been doing further work on statistics and reading timetables. The Whizz Kids have demonstrated some excellent skills. I'm very impressed. We've started our Science topic on Evolution. I'm sure the children will learn lots of new information during this topic. We have also started our new topic 'Land of the Free', which is looking at North America.

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Spring 1: Week 1
12 January 2018

What a great first week back! The Whizz Kids have been busy learning about Place Value in Maths and we have continued reading The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe in Literacy - it's getting exciting! In topic learning, we have been learning about renewable energy and how we can improve the environment. Some of the Whizz Kids visited Trinity Academy this afternoon and represented the school extremely well.

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Merry Christmas!
21 December 2017

Merry Christmas to all Whizz Kids, parents and carers!

What a wonderful term it has been! We have had so much fun. We've enjoyed an Egyptian Day, a puzzle day, a maths day and a vsit to Drax Powerstation. These experiences have given us so much to talk and write about.

Today, has been a lovely day. We have had our termly Arithmetic and Spelling Bee. The Whizz Kids won the Spelling Bee and were the joint winners of the Arithmetic Bee, with the Wise Owls. This is brilliant - I am very proud! 

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Autumn 2: Weeks 1 and 2
19 November 2017

Good Evening.

I hope you have had a great weekend. The Whizz Kids have had a busy few weeks. During the first week back, Emma, from the Dogs Trust, was in school, talking to us about responsible dog ownership and safety around dogs. This was such an enjoyable experience. The children knew such a lot, which was great.

On Friday, of this week, Gary, from the British Transport Police, was in to talk to us about safety around the railway. Again, this was an enjoyable session but some important messages were delivered, which the children responded to very well.

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Half-term update
5 November 2017

Evening! I hope you have all had a fabulous half-term break and had lots of fun. I am very excited to see you all back in school tomorrow.

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Autumn 1: Week 7
20 October 2017

Well, what a busy few weeks we've had. The children (and staff!)  had a wonderful week at Kingswood during week 5. Last week, we had fun reading our novel Holes and writing letters from the main character's perspective. This week we have been busy in maths. We've enjoyed multiplication and problem solving using these skills. Today, we started making our death masks - what an exciting afternoon it was.

Our pupils of the week: Amelia and Kara-Mae

Mathematician: Casey-Lee

Star Speller: Molly

Citizen: Erin

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Autumn 1: Week 4
29 September 2017

Wow! What a wonderful week!  Wednesday was very exciting; we worked with Ian Bland (a poet) and had such fun writing poems. On Wednesday and Thursday, we met the principals of Trinity Academy and South Axholme Academy. Today, we had lots of fun with Jenny Wallwork (an Olympic medalist), taking part in some circuit training. This was such an inspiring event. Remember what Jenny said, "Work hard and you can be whatever you want to be!"

Our Stars this week:

Mathletics Champion: Joshua (again!) Who is going to challenge Joshua?

Pupils Of The Week: Hannah and Lydia

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Home-learning Autumn 1 Week 4
22 September 2017


As you know, one of your home-learning tasks this week is your Arithmetic challenge sheet. The other home-learning activity is to tell me 3 facts you can remember from the Egyptian day. Any three facts you can remember. Our host for the day was very interesting and very funny. Think back. What three things have stuck in your mind?

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Autumn 1: week 3
22 September 2017

What a busy week! The Whizz Kids have been working incredibly hard! We really enjoyed Egyptian Day, especially mummifying a pharaoh! In Maths, we have worked super hard on addition and problem solved using this skill. In Literacy, we have started some instruction writing all about 'How To Mummify A Pharaoh!' We can't wait to share this once it's complete. The Whizz Kids have also enjoyed French Day - we did French art work, played French games and tasted French food - what a treat!

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Egyptian Day and Attendance Celebrations
18 September 2017

The Whizz Kids enjoyed Egyptian Day today and celebrated further by winning their second balloon for the best attendance!

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Autumn 1: Week 2
15 September 2017

Well, what a great second week the Whizz Kids have had! I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know all the Whizz Kids a little more and having lots of fun. We've had a busy week.

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Autumn 1: Week 1
12 September 2017

We have had a great first week. It has been a joy to get to know the new Whizz Kids and I am really looking forward to our year together.

During this week, we have been doing some Geography work, identifying continents and oceans on a world map. We have started reading our class novel, Holes. It has been interesting learning about Stanley (the main character.) In Maths, we have been working on Place Value, looking at the value of each digit in a number.

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Theme 1 newsletter
12 September 2017

Please find our newsletter attached at the bottom of the page.

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Home-learning and spellings
12 September 2017

I have attached the home-learning and spelling challenges for this week. The children have been given these on Monday. The children will be tested for spellings on Friday and their home-learning is also due in on Friday.

Thanks for your support. Mrs Lewins

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School Lunch Menu
12 September 2017

Children who have a school lunch get to pick their food every morning.

They are then allocated a coloured band to wear at at lunch time.

Please find a copy of our full School Menu, and lunch information, by following this link:

Mrs Lewins

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14 June 2017

We had a wonderful day out to Whitby! The weather was glorious, the ice-cream was delicious and the sun was shining upon us. In our Literacy, we have been focusing on writing an informative piece about Whitby. Pick one of the places that we visited and write a paragraph about it. For example, in Literacy, we wrote a paragraph about Whitby Abbey. This will be due in on the 19th of June. 

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Y6 Shakespeare day.
19 May 2017

Y6! We very much enjoyed our Shakespeare day. I would like you to tell me a little bit more about what happened on Monday 15th of May. Your task is to write, at least, 3 paragraphs. A couple of paragraphs telling me what 'Macbeth' is about and a paragraph what you enjoyed about the day. 

Good luck, 

Mrs Lewins

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Home Learning
30 January 2017

Punishments in schools have been very varied over the years: from having to wear a dunce's cap; to being hit on the bottom with a cane; to having to do your P.E in your underpants when you had forgotten your kit.  The cane was banned in state schools in 1987. Some people argue that the cane should be re-introduced whilst others think its ban was quite correct. We will explore both sides.

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Tuesday 8th November 2016 Home-Learning Task
5 November 2016

We have been working very hard on our 'Take 12' problems. Read the question below and try and work out the answer. 

Maths problems are really just stories with numbers. Picture what is going on! Draw a little picture of where he is putting the socks on some scrap paper if that helps!

Alan had 42 individual socks that needed putting into pairs.

He bought 4 more packs that each had 7 pairs of socks in.

How many pairs of socks did he have altogether?

Can you explain your working out in your comment please. Convince me that you're right.

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October half-term home-learning
20 October 2016

We have had a fantastic and very busy first half-term in this new school year! Parents/carers, thanks for all your support with home-learning, times tables and reading over the last seven weeks. 

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