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We hope everyone will be happy in our school and that we can all work together to encourage each child to develop as fully as possible.

Our aim is to ensure all children achieve a high standard in work and behaviour at all times within a supportive and caring environment. Children's progress is regularly monitored by the leaders of the school and support targeted where appropriate to help meet this aim.

We believe that a partnership between home and school is essential and we work extremely hard to establish and maintain this link. The school has been assessed as meeting the standards of the Leading Parent Partnership Award..

We are all very proud of our school and what we achieve through working together. The school has a particularly strong reputation locally for the work we are doing in supporting accelerated reading development in the early years of your child's education.

The school was particularly proud of the Outstanding Grade achieved in all areas in the most recent OFSTED Inspection (October 2013), and the incredibly positive nature of the report.

If you need any further information about the school please do not hesitate to ask, or should you wish to visit and have a tour of the school please contact us on 01405 813522.

We still have  4 places available for this year's nursery so feel free to ask about enrolling your child or contacting school for a tour.

Mr A J Buxton

Head Teacher

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OFSTED Report and School Performance Tables

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School Prospectus and Admissions Application Form

The current School Prospectus, Admissions Policy and Admissions Booklet can be found on the Parents' Page, Click here.